eVisa to India

1.What is eVisa to India?

eVisa to India happens to be an authorization to travel to India that will be approved by the appropriate authorities in advance electronically. The eVisa India approval will be issued before your arrival to India. We at indiavisa.co.za are privately owned service provider known for making the application and approval of eVisa to India a simple task.

eVisa to India – Application form

eVisa India
eVisa India

2. Who requires an eVisa to India?

International citizens of 161 countries can apply for an eVisa to India. The eVisa is available for travellers visiting India for business, tourism and medical reasons. It is advisable to fill out the necessary documents few weeks prior visiting the country. Here it should be mentioned that anyone born in Pakistan or formally holding Pakistani passport/nationality will not be eligible for eVisa; they are need to follow the traditional visa acquirement process to enter India.

3. How to get an eVisa to India?

You can request for a visa to India electronically with us by filling up an application form where you have to provide all the required information like your personal details, scan copy of your passport with two blank pages, contact details, relevant documents, photos (JPEG format) and valid email address.

After submitting the form and dealing with the necessary payments, you will first receive an email confirming the status of the request and payment. The process to obtain the eVisa takes around 3 to 5 days. After that, you will receive confirmation from the Government of India which will include your eVisa which you need to print out.

eVisa to India – Application form

Visa to India
Visa to India

4. Important information

Some other must-know information about getting eVisa to India online are as follows:

5. Validity of eVisa

The eVisa to India applied online happens to be valid for 4 months from the issue date and after than it will be cease to have any importance.

6. How long can you stay in India?

With the eVisa you can stay in India up to 60 days (depending on the type of eVisa).

7. What’s the entry type?

There are different entry types for a tourist like the double-entry where you can enter India (tourism and business purpose only) for the second time, as long as the second arrival date falls within the specified 60 days permitted initially. On the other hand, there is the med-triple or triple entry which allows you to enter India 3 times in a year for medical purpose only. There is eVisa multiple entry as well which remains valid for 1 year from the date of approval. With this, you can enter the country multiple times for tourism or business purpose, as long as it is within the approved timeframe.

India Visa Application form
India Visa Application form

8. When you have to apply for eVisa?

The window to apply for the eVisa should be around 120 days up to 34 days before your journey to India. It is highly recommended that the process should be no later than 4 days before departure to avoid any unwanted complications.

9. Do you have to print it?

You have to show the eVisa to the passport agent and immigration checkpoints as soon as you land there. To be safe and to avoid the crisis of no free wi-fi or mobile internet connection, it is recommended that you keep a printed copy of your eVisa to India on hand.

10. How long your passport has to be valid?

When filling up the form, do make sure your passport is valid for the next 6 months from the arrival date to your departure from India.

eVisa to India – Application form

11. Can you arrange an eVisa on arrival?

To obtain eVisa India you have to take care of all the process before arriving to India. This is because, you cannot arrange for an eVisa on your arrival.

12. Is overstay possible in this country?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to overstay in India with an eVisa. In many cases, it is seen that travelers have been charged an overstay fee by the immigration department.

eVisa to India – Application form

13. Benefits of using Our eVisa to India and our online service

We provide complete guidance as we offer a detailed explanation of each field on the application form. To help out further, we even cross-check each form to eliminate any mistake and make the process quick. We will contact you via email and make the correction accordingly.

Payment process is secure, safe and hassle-free. You can use PayPal or Credit Card.
Besides, the whole process is taken care of from the comfort of home and before the date of arrival to India. So, you save time, energy and money with us!

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